Nestled Amongst Temples by Jillian McKay

Posted: April 15, 2015 in Uncategorized


Cajoled by her daughter to join her in India to help launch a business venture into fashion design, Nestled Amongst Temples chronicles a six-month career break spent in this beautiful country.  It is a funny, poignant story with undertones of self-discovery as trials and tribulations are met along the way.  Colourful characters encountered during the journey are described in loving detail and with humorous insight.  The wonderful fusion of east and west is depicted beautifully alongside the inevitable culture clashes that occur and the often hilarious consequences of these.

Living in a small house within an Indian suburb, the author and her daughter become a source of great amusement to their neighbours who are both fascinated and bemused by these two western women with their strange antics and puzzling behaviours.  Nestled Amongst Temples not only affords the reader a clear insight into Indian life as viewed through the eyes of a westerner, but also a glimpse of western life as seen through Indian eyes.  Both lenses offer glimmers of hilarity, humanity and hope.

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Review: I love this book! It’s full of useful information and personal stories. I’d recommend this for anyone travelling to India!


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