Ripper’s Ghost by Kennedy Welles

Posted: April 24, 2015 in Uncategorized


When Spencer Donovan, a District Attorney for the state of New York, receives a mysterious summons to London regarding her biological family, whom she knows nothing about, she drops everything and catches the next flight out. She’s shocked to learn that she may have biological ties to the infamous Jack The Ripper murderer and doesn’t believe a word of it, until she realizes that the murders are being repeated verbatim 125 years later and by someone referring to himself as Ripper’s Ghost.

Spencer works with the history professor who summoned her and a Scotland Yard inspector to try and stop the killer before word spreads across London that Saucy Jack has returned.

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Review: Ripper’s Ghost is a mystery like no other! Spencer – the lead protagonist – drives the plot through it’s twists and turns in an extremely exciting way. I was gripped by the unique story line and very excited to get to the explosive conclusion. This book easily deserves its 5 starts, I’d recommend it to all avid readers.


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