Emerging from the Darkness by Kira Adams

Posted: May 1, 2015 in Uncategorized


The virus is spreading, the future is uncertain, and the Degenerates are taking control.

Ike Glass and Ace Cullen have found themselves in quite the predicament: the Degenerates have located their hideout and kidnapped Phoenix and Rian, and now they must fight for their lives. Phoenix Blue knows she must tread carefully if she expects to keep her sister alive. What she doesn’t expect is the strength her young sister possesses, and the lengths her new-found family will go to in order to save their lives. Sometimes the ties that bind us have nothing to do with blood relations. Just how far will these four friends go in their quest to emerge from the darkness?

Emerging from Darkness (Darkness Falls Book 2)

Krista Pakseresht has always been a dreamer. From the first time she opened her eyes. Creating worlds through words is one thing she is truly talented at. She specializes in Young adult/New adult romance, horror, action, fantasy, and non-fiction under the pen name Kira Adams. She is the author of the Infinite Love series, the Foundation series, the Darkness Falls series, and the Looking Glass series.

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Review: As I’m sure everyone knows by now, I’m a huge fan of Kira Adams so I was very excited to read this book and Oh. My. God. It certainly doesn’t disappoint! Phoenix, Cullen and the rest of the characters become even more consumed by the zombie apocalypse in this story and the way they grow and progress is really believable and actually relatable. The plot is fast-paced, dark, exciting and full of the twists and turns I’ve come to expect from this author. Of course, there is also a lot of steamy romance to keep you gripped too 🙂 5 stars easily deserved!


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