Get ‘Monster Attack’ FREE!

Posted: May 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

This is your chance to get a copy of Monster Attack for free – don’t waste any time, this offer in only available until May 8th!

Monster ebook

Discover the most gruesome beasts from Werewolves to Mermaids, and the stories behind them, written by the most talented horror authors.

Arnaldo Lopez Jr, Dana Wright, Andy Lockwood, Sharon L. Higa, Kyle Flak, Kevin S. Hall, Josh Walker, Kody Dibble, Matt Mesnard, Mathias Jansson, Lila L. Pinord, John M. Wills, Michael Shaw, Debbie Johnson, Victoria Pagac, Alex Winck, Anthony V. Pugliese, Shakeem Winn, Preston Peet, Randy Attwood, Matthew J. Hamblin, Stefan Vucak, Anthony Modungwo, Cecilia H. Doldan, Samie Sands Vered Ehsani and Rob Tozer.

Get it HERE and use the code AJ46K at the checkout.


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