Then Comes the Harvest by Danny Stone

Posted: May 29, 2015 in Uncategorized


Frank Hartman is off to prison. His organs are now for sale. Since “harvesting” began, using inmates as organ donors has become commonplace. Frank meets his cellmate, Ahmed, and their neighbor, a cryptic inmate who’s been harvested eight times and who knows more than he should. Tension mounts as a mysterious prison guard tries to help—or sabotage—Frank’s standing at the jail, putting him in jeopardy with a strict lieutenant. Meanwhile, Frank and Ahmed get sucked into the middle of a gang dispute. Frank reaches out to his older sister for help, but she is reluctant to answer e-mails in a world where words are monitored. A year at the “Chophouse” culminates when gang tension comes to a head, prompting Frank to confront his mortality, his crime, and the true meaning of harvesting.

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Review: Then Comes the Harvest is a thriller like no other! As Frank goes to prison in this dystopian style landscape, the plot thickens rapidly and continues to build until an explosive end. The characters are deeply complex and you’ll find yourself confused as to why you’re actually rooting for the people you are. Danny Stone has created an excellent way to get you thinking about the future of ethics, morals and even politics. A highly recommended book that will keep you thinking for days.


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