#6 by Sharon L. Higa

Posted: May 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

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The third book for The Book Review Club members is #6 by Sharon L. Higa…

Sharon L Higa (2)

Ida Moreno had a good life. Head Curator of the New York Public Library, lots of friends and acquaintances among her co-workers, a nice, cozy apartment close to her work and the simple company of her cat, Tansy.
All that changes in one horrifying moment.

Raped and murdered by someone in the middle of the night, Ida’s soul discorporates from her body at the time of death and witnesses the final moments. She’s angry, and her emotional anger ties her to the killer. It’s now up to her to figure out how to use her ‘new spirit body’ to find out who he is and bring him to justice.

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Sharon Small

At six years old, Sharon L. Higa became obsessed with the supernatural, compliments of an older cousin who fascinated her with stories of hauntings and horror. Traveling the world with her family, the fascination grew, resulting in creating and telling her own stories.�She wrote intermittently for a number of years, but it was after she and her husband moved to East Tennessee that her family and friends convinced her to write and publish her works. She now writes full time. She resides with eleven cats, one dog and Mark, her patient and loving husband of twenty two years.

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Review: #6 takes a thriller/crime plot and turns it on it’s head! Ida is an amazing strong character, full of life…until she dies. Then she becomes a twisted, vengeful spirit hellbent on revenge. I loved her journey and the way her trials and tribulations evolve her. Much as it’s a tale shrouded in sadness, the way it’s written drags you in and you find yourself really rooting for Ida. Sharon L. Higa has an amazing writing style which I adore. I can’t think of anything I didn’t like about this book – and I don’t see how anyone else could too! Highly recommended.


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