The Eternal Express by David Lessoff

Posted: June 12, 2015 in Uncategorized


Exhausted and inebriated after partying at an afterhours club, twenty four year-old Spencer Stevens boards a commuter train on his way to visit one of his many girlfriends. He dozes off, only to discover upon waking that he is now the conductor on a different train. Spencer shortly becomes aware that this is not a dream and the passengers are all dead, with their souls traveling to their eternal resting places. It has now become his responsibility to see that they safely arrive. Ride along The Eternal Express with Spencer on his journey through life and death as both bone chilling and heartwarming stories are told by the passengers he meets along the way.

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Review: The magical elements in The Eternal Express quickly feel real within the plot of this story. I love the way Spencer interacts with each of the passengers in an individual manner and also the way each person relates to his own life in one way or another. The mystery unfolds in this thriller in a very exciting way. This would make a great film. Highly recommended.


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