Just Me by Graysen Morgen

Posted: June 17, 2015 in Uncategorized


Wild child Ian Wiley has to grow up and take the reins of the hundred year old family business when tragedy strikes. Can she let go of her reckless ways long enough to conform? After all, she is a Wiley and with that name comes a legacy.

Cassidy Harland is a little surprised that she came within an inch of picking up a gorgeous stranger in a bar while on vacation, but weeks later when she runs into that stranger again she is shocked to find out she’s the new head of the company.

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Review: Graysen Morgen is an excellent storyteller, and this shines through in Just Me. The scenery depicted in beautiful, the characters included are layered and full of realistic depth and the storyline moves quickly in an exciting way. The passion described between Ian and Cassidy is breathtaking and as a reader, you really route for their happiness.


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