Books, Beer and Blogshit: Winter of Zombie 2015: Zach Bohannon

Posted: November 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Books, Beer and Blogshit: Winter of Zombie 2015: Zach Bohannon:

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Day two of the already frigid Winter of Zombie Blog Tour 2015. Armand Rosamilia has stacked the deck heavy this winter the a bevy of zombie authors. Some are familiar names from tours past but this winter promises to spotlight a great many new faces.

One of those ugly mugs is none other than Zach Bohannon. No, not the guitarist from Tesla but the zombie writing lunatic who may have once played the spoons on a certain 90s grunge rock album, but problably not. He deffinitly writes about zombies thought so let’s stick to that!

The Blogshit: Let’s cut to the chase, what are you promoting for the Winter of Zombie?

Zach Bohannon: Empty Bodies, which is my series of zombie books. Currently, there are three books out in the series, with book four, entitled Open Roads, due out on December 8th. Right now, the series is slated for six books.

The Blogshit: It’s rarely ever talked about, but how do you envision the outcome of the zombie world you have created? Is there hope? Will humanity succumb to the new world order? What is the outcome of all this horrible zombie business?

Zach Bohannon: This reminds me of Robin Williams’ skit on golf where he says, “We’ll put a flag at the end to give ‘em fuckin’ hope!”. I definitely have a flag at the end of the fairway, but is there hope? It’s the apocalypse!

But no, in all seriousness, as a storyteller, you have to have your characters striving towards some sort of goal. They have to have hope. For instance, one of my characters, Gabriel, certainly has hope that he will find his family. But will I fulfill their hope at the end? We’ll see!

The Blogshit: As a writer of zombie fiction, do you feel you can sustain your career writing about zombies only or do you feel you will need to write outside the sub-genre to continue? What avenues will you branch out to if you do feel a need to expand?

Zach Bohannon: I have no interest in that. I love too many things to stick with just one niche. I’ve always called myself a horror writer and a storyteller. My zombie series just happens to be the thing most people read, and I just so happen to love writing it. I also have a slasher horror story that a lot of people love, I’ve written a paranormal horror story, and I’m in the early stages of writing a trilogy with J. Thorn that is more of a dystopian dark fantasy.

The Blogshit: What is more important to the story: A sympathetic human survivor or a zombie with an interesting storyline?

Zach Bohannon: Empty Bodies is all about the survivors. That’s the main thing I love about The Walking Dead. It’s not really a zombie show. It’s more about the survivors and how they deal with the new world. For me, character and story trumps all.

The Blogshit: For you, who are the most important writers in zombie fiction at this moment?

Zach Bohannon: There’s so many great authors out there in this genre, that I’m not sure how I pick just a couple. I really like what T.W. Piperbrook has done with his Contamination series. K.R. Griffith’s The Wildfire Chronicles is a lot of fun. Glynn James is great. So is TW Brown. Like I said, I’m gonna leave people out and feel bad about it!

The Blogshit: Is there room for sex in the zombie apocalypse?

Zach Bohannon: We’re human: there’s always room for sex.

The Blogshit: How much consideration do you give to the seasons in your zombie stories?

Zach Bohannon: One of the big underlying conflicts in Empty Bodies is how my characters are needing to find some sort of sanctuary before Winter. Everything happens in October, so they don’t have a ton of time. So, it’s very important.

The Blogshit: Our final question always revolves around zombie themed food. This Winter of Zombie, Books, Beer and BLOGshit wants you to consider setting up a food truck to cater to a zombie clientele. What would you name your Zombie Food Truck?

Zach Bohannon: Undead But Well-Fed

Zach Bohannon’s Home Page:

Zach Bohannon’s Amazon Page:


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