Guest Post: Scott M. Baker #WinterofZombie

Posted: November 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

Dying Days

a photo of me at Wewelsburg

Is the zombie craze about to come to an end? 

It’s a legitimate question. The genre has been spreading like a zombie outbreak ever since Brian Keene released The Rising back in 2003 and breathed new life into a dead market, culminating in The Walking Dead. With the development of their hit series, AMC has succeeded in doing what no other television show, movie, or novel had accomplished before—making zombies mainstream. The series is one of the most watched programs on television, and the convention circuit and merchandising for The Walking Dead is an industry onto itself. Yet it’s the very popularity of a genre that often leads to its decline because success breeds imitation. While imitation is often the sincerest form of flattery, it’s also the best way to make a quick buck, which has led to a seemingly endless influx of zombie novels, movies, TV, shows, and video…

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