Guest Post: Samie Sands #WinterofZombie

Posted: November 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

Dying Days

Forgotten Samie Sands Cover

The AM13 Series

By Samie Sands

The idea for the AM13 series came out of one of those typical ‘how long do you think you’d last in a zombie apocalypse?’ conversations.

The answer for me, I’m ashamed to say, isn’t very long!

I just don’t think that I have the knowledge and skills needed to get by in such a harsh climate. I’m not the sort of person who knows how to start a fire with sticks and I don’t know if I’m strong enough to bash in a zombie’s head – especially when they’re newly infected and not very weak!

That’s where the idea for Lockdown was born. Most of the zombie novels I have read centre around someone with a military background or nursing knowledge. Or if not that, they find some kick ass inner strength and the apocalypse is actually the making of them. When…

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