Guest Post: Heath Stallcup #WinterofZombie

Posted: November 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

Dying Days

Caldera resized

Hey everybody, Heath Stallcup here. While I may be better known for my other works, I felt the need to delve into one of my favorite subject matters: ZOMBIES! What came from that attempt was Caldera.  Luckily, I was allowed to take part in this Winter of Zombie Blog Tour and wanted to share a few thoughts.

Winter time. Zombies. One might think you’d be safer. Dead flesh freezes, doesn’t it? It’s hard for reanimated flesh to fight being frozen solid to chase you. There are no internal processes to generate heat.

Unless…the zombies aren’t actually dead. If they’re viral infected rage zombies, you’re toast. They never tire, they never stop. They’re faster than you. And they’re hungry.

When it came time to take that leap into the zombie genre, I wanted to delve into something a little different. True, there are a handful of authors out there who…

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