Guest Post: Kathy Dinisi #WinterofZombie

Posted: November 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

Dying Days


What made you become a writer?

   Well never in a million years did I think I would become a writer. Has it been easy? Nope haha, I’ve made a lot of mistakes with my first book.  But I feel I’ve learned from it and maybe even grew as an author.  But I always wanted to write a story, once I got the nerve to sit down and write…well I did.

How did you create your story’s?

I got the story Hell Bound (A Vacation from Hell)  thinking what would I do in a zombie apocalypse? How would I survive? How would my husband react?  Where would we go? What happens if we were not with our boys and how would we get back to them?  Book 2 Hell Bound (A world apart) just came to me.Book 3 Hell Bound (Til death do us part) will be released 2016. It…

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