Guest Post: Jay Wilburn #WinterofZombie

Posted: November 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

Dying Days

Dead Song Book 2 front cover

Winter of Zombie 2015

Something to Prove

by Jay Wilburn

The reason the question keeps getting asked as to whether the zombie story is over is because there are so many bad examples out there. One reason is because the basic structure of the zombie story is easy. Another is because self-publishing without professional art or editing is easy too. In the end, many of us did this to ourselves and it is for that reason that we seem to have something to prove, if we intend to keep operating within storytelling with the zombie trope.

Writing a great zombie story is as difficult as creating any great piece of literature. Making any old zombie story may be easier though. Taking a video camera and making your own steampunk movie would be daunting. The costuming and grand scale of sets and vehicles would be cost prohibitive. Figuring out what theā€¦

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