Winter of Zombie 2015: Nerys Wheatley

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Winter of Zombie 2015: Nerys Wheatley

You’re reading Books, Beer and BLOGshit! Its the only blog on the internet that has never dropped the spirit stick! I am your peppy cheerleader, Mr. Frank!

Today at Winter of Zombie camp, is the very suspicious camp counselor, one Nerys Wheatley. She keeps telling the kids all these graphic, creepy stories that are far too detailed to be something she made up off the top of her head. What I think is that she is the maniac murderer of Winter of Zombie camp.

Of course, being the first one to suspect that means my time in this movie is coming to an end soon. I only hope I can provide the first key clue as to Ms. Wheatley’s true nature to the protagonist before my ultimate demise. So read the interview and get clued in so you can be the hero at the end of the day!

The Blogshit: Lets cut to the chase, what are you promoting for the Winter of Zombie?

Nerys Wheatley:  I’m promoting “Mutation“, book 1 in my “Twenty-Five Percent” series, a zombie/action/thriller with scares, tension, and a few laughs.

After thirteen years, the world has learned to deal with the virus that turns people into mindless flesh-eaters. There’s even a cure, although those who come through the disease are physically changed and Survivors, like police detective Alex MacCallum, are often feared and hated. When a new, much worse strain of the virus causes a sudden, massive outbreak, Alex is forced to join with Micah, an anti-Survivor activist who hates him. Surrounded by hordes of eaters, the two enemies struggle to stay alive and find the cause of this new, and possibly not entirely natural, strain of the deadliest virus on earth.

The Blogshit: Its rarely ever talked about, but how do you envision the outcome of the zombie world you have created? Is there hope? Will humanity succumb to the new world order? What is the outcome of all this horrible zombie business?

Nerys Wheatley:  There’s always hope!  My scenario is a little different in that the outbreak is localised and contained to one city. The virus has already been around for thirteen years so they know what it does. What they don’t know is that this is a new strain and not so easy to deal with and the authorities seriously underestimate the danger. As things stand now, the situation is grim, but my heroes will fight to stop the outbreak somehow. Whether or not they succeed has yet to be revealed (and I haven’t written it yet!).

The Blogshit: As a writer of zombie fiction, do you feel you can sustain your career writing about zombies only or do you feel you will need to write outside the sub-genre to continue? What avenues will you branch out to if you do feel a need to expand?

Nerys Wheatley:  I’m currently writing book three in the series and there will most probably be more in the future, but I won’t write another, separate, zombie series. It’s not a case of sustaining my career, it’s more that I enjoy all different genres and I want to write them too! I can’t stay in one place. Too many ideas! I have plans for future science fiction novels and I can see myself going into other genres too. I hope those that enjoy my zombie books will also enjoy them.  Being an author is kind of like being the Doctor, being able to travel anywhere, anytime, and into any story. It’s exciting!

The Blogshit: What is more important to the story: A sympathetic human survivor or a zombie with an interesting storyline?

Nerys Wheatley:  Well, in the best books you would get both! But if I have to chose, it would be the human survivor. An interesting, likeable lead character for the reader to root for is always what I want in the books I read.  Without that I tend to lose interest. I want someone I can take the journey with, experience things through their eyes and want them to succeed. Those are the kind of characters I try to write. Although in Mutation I kind of have both in that my ’zombies’ (called eaters) are not your typical walking dead (they’re not dead, for a start!) and my lead character was formally infected and cured. So I have a sympathetic human survivor AND zombie with an interesting storyline all in one person!

The Blogshit: For you, who are the most important writers in zombie fiction at this moment?

Nerys Wheatley:  This is difficult for me to answer as, to be honest, I don’t read that much zombie fiction! Should I admit that? I read more when I wasn’t writing it, but there’s something about writing the genre that makes me move away from it a little. Kind of like taking your work home with you! So as far as important goes, there are other people who can and I’m sure will answer that better than I can.

However, ask me what I think is important to zombie fiction as a whole and I would say more originality. I’ve had several reviews for Mutation that comment on how different it is from the other zombie stories out there and how refreshing it is to have something new. I’ve also heard many people say they are over the whole zombie genre because it seems to them like it is becoming all the same. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are always new stories to be told, and I know there are new zombies to create! Undead innovation, we can do it!

The Blogshit: Is there room for sex in the zombie apocalypse?

Nerys Wheatley:  Unless the human race is going to die out, there had better be! Are we talking human/human? Human/zombie? Zombie/zombie? Or, in a twist, zombie/werewolf? I’m not here to judge. Whatever floats your boat!

The Blogshit:  How much consideration do you give to the seasons in your zombie stories?

Nerys Wheatley:  My series so far only takes place over less than a (very action-packed) early autumn month so so far I haven’t had to!

The Blogshit: Our final question always revolves around zombie themed food. This Winter of Zombie, Books, Beer and BLOGshit wants you to consider setting up a food truck to cater to a zombie clientele. What would you name your Zombie Food Truck?

Nerys Wheatley:  My very upmarket zombie food truck  would be:


Tired of eating raw brains day in day out? Want something tasty and new to munch on, but can‘t quite shake a penchant for the grey matter? Try our new menu, for discerning zombies who like something a little bit different. From marinated medulla oblongata with a spinal fluid and parsley sauce, to fricasseed frontal lobe topped with spiced kidney wedges, we cater for all your undead culinary desires.

With covered seating area and full dessert menu.

Nerys Wheatley on the Web:

Nerys Wheatley on Amazon:


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