The Last Charge of the 1st Legion (The Last Hero Trilogy Book 3) by Nathaniel Danes

Posted: December 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

The Milky Way is plunged into chaos. Billions of innocent civilians are slaughtered while the fate of billions more hang in the balance.

The enemy is unstoppable.

Trent Maxwell and the 1st Legion escape annihilation to embark on a desperate mission to uncover secrets buried for millennia. Evil has its own agenda and moves to endanger their holy quest.

Their resolve is pushed to its limits. Their understanding of the universe will be shaken. No one is safe and no cost is too high to save Earth from extermination.

Does love conquer all? Will the 1st Legion charge into victory or oblivion?

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Review: I love The Last Hero trilogy so, so much, and I was really looking forward to this book…and it was just as good as I’d imagined it would be! There is science fiction, romance, war, all entangled with each other in this epic plot that twists and turns until the mind blowing conclusion. I highly recommend the entire series, it’s amazing!


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