Valley of the Dolls 5oth Anniversary Edition

Posted: May 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

The 50th Anniversary Edition of Jacqueline Susann’s All-Time Pop-Culture Classic

At a time when women were destined to become housewives, Jacqueline Susann let us dream. Anne, Neely, and Jennifer become best friends as struggling young women in New York City trying to make their mark. Eventually, they climb their way to the top of the entertainment industry only to find that there’s no place left to go but down, into the Valley of the Dolls.

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Review: Not only is the cover of the book absolutely stunning, the book is brilliant too! It may have been written 50 years ago, but the characters, the situations and the plot is still really gripping, relatable and very exciting! I absolutely loved this book from the very first page.


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