End Time by Daniel Greene

Posted: July 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

The fall of mankind is nigh.

 And it all began in the dark primal jungles of the Congo River basin. Easily ignored with just a click.
When protests turn violent in front of the US Embassy Kinshasa, only the foreign policy experts paid attention.
As civil war erupts and people rip each other apart in the streets of the African capital, a disinterested public across the globe turns the channel.
They should have prepared accordingly.
In an effort to avert disaster and preserve its self-image, an overwhelmed US Department of State dispatches a team of elite counterterrorist agents to bring their besieged people back alive.Agent Mark Steele, a rising star within the Division, and his team of gritty operatives are used to trudging through the worst dregs that society has to offer, all while operating from the shadows. But Steele’s team is wading headfirst into a maelstrom of death so much worse than rebels in the streets.
A highly contagious microbe is spreading unchecked through the streets killing everyone in its wake only to bring them back again as the ravenous undead. Only a lone CDC virologist understands the extent of the outbreak at hand. He cowers amongst the embassy staff praying for extraction from the hands of death, fearing his part to play in the epidemic.
Follow this harrowing tale of survival, duty, love and horror as the living dead bring the world to its knees.
Review: Loved this book! Zombie books are a particular favourite of mine anyway, but this one blew me away. Mark is an awesome main character, and I loved his flaws as much as his bad ass attitude. The plot of this book spirals quickly and leaves you gripped until the very last page. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

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