Blue Orca: Shanghai Spy by Scarlet Risque

Posted: November 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

Blue Orca: Shanghai Spy (HOURGLASS Book 2) by [Risque, Scarlet]

AN UNFORGIVABLE BETRAYAL sets Mimi on a quest for vengeance. Janet killed Liza. Now Mimi has to kill Conan Casey, Janet’s lover.

Mimi follows them to Shanghai. She’s given a new identity and perfects her powers of seduction until she can manipulate men at will. Mimi is installed as a hostess at the elite Sky Club, keeping company with Shanghai’s most privileged men as she awaits the arrival of her prey.

She catches the attention of a patron before her mission is complete. Thomas falls under Mimi’s spell and proposes exclusivity. Will she take his offer? Or will she seek vengeance in a foreign land despite all the odds?

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Review: I really enjoyed this book, and it’s made me want to read the first one in the series. Luckily this book could be easily read as a standalone, so it didn’t matter that I read it first. Mimi is a great character, one that I found myself rooting for right away, but a really interesting thing about this book was the great, in depth portrayal of China. It’s that which leaves you thinking for a long time after reading.


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