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Jackie Sonnenberg is just one of the 13 amazing authors featured in 13 Deja Vu. Learn more about her here…

1. For starters, can you please give us an insight into your story in 13 Deja Vu?
“Caved In” is a story about the dark side of witchcraft…and even a dark side to motherhood. Fay promised her first born as debt to a goblin for saving her life. Desperate to save her child, she runs away to seek a protection spell from a powerful witch named Nox who lives in the caves. Nox grants Fay her protection, but with a price she never expected. She is indebted to the witch and now considered her property, and as her child grows, she learns she is not the only one.
2. What is the one thing you wish your readers knew about you?
I’m not just a horror writer, I am also a horror actor!  I do haunted attractions and a haunted house every Halloween. I bring characters to life not just on paper… and I can’t wait to introduce them in person.
3. Can you describe your writing style in three words?
Imaginative, but truthful
4. What does your writing process look like? 
I mostly write on my tablet during down time at work. I work on my laptop when I can and eventually have all my files transferred there so I can pull the finished draft together nicely:-). I actually also write by hand in notebooks and transfer that way as well. We do everything electronic and type with our fingers so much that the actual skill of writing is missed and welcomed as an old friend.
5. Who is your favourite character that you have written, and why?
In MY SOUL TO KEEP, a cat with a sixth sense named Ad Astra…but then again, it seems like all cats have a sixth sense, doesn’t it?  She serves as the guide to the main character Sky while she explores her boarding school house ridden with some sort of paranormal presence. This is my nod to Coraline with the cat character serving as the guide in a supernatural realm.
In my current work-in-progress (no spoilers yet) I am playing with my version of the AntiChrist and enjoying the direction it is going.
6. How long does it take you to write a book?
I don’t think anyone has a solid answer to that one!
7. What writing challenges have you had to overcome?
Mostly finding enough time, and not to mention enough research! If you cover something true to history, or a particular event or field, you need to be sure to get all the details right.
8. What is your favourite novel and why?
I love Neil Gaiman and I can’t get The Ocean at the End of the Lane out of my head. He tells such a magical yet suspenseful story without actually telling you what is going on. You are just being pulled along for the ride and finding out alongside the main character.
9. Tell us more about some of your other books.
The next 13 Anthology is called 13: Night Terrors and it comes this fall! My story “The Slit-Mouthed Woman” is about the deadly real-life Japanese urban legend.
My novel MY SOUL TO KEEP is the story of a young girl named Sky who is sent to a new boarding school to help her cope with her father’s death. She meets the school spirituality group and discovers their skills: They are connected to the afterlife. Sky joins them believing they can help her connect to the afterlife as well, for her own reasons. She soon learns this group is more connected than she thinks, and the afterlife is sooner that she ever expected…
This is the first in my collection giving Nursery Rhymes sinister retellings! MY SOUL TO KEEP is based on The Lord’s prayer. I can’t wait to bring more and am working hard on several right now.
10. And finally, where can people find out more about you? 
Facebook page: Author Jackie Sonnenberg
Twitter: @sonnenbooks
I am writing the back story to my day job where I am an actor: Zombie Outbreak!

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