Spooky Readings: Halloween Hell

Posted: October 16, 2020 in Uncategorized

Poolside Musings

Halloween Hell

Welcome to Halloween…where this year it’s Hell!

Ginger by Erin Louis
Trick or Treat by Danny Campbell
The Day That… by Samie Sands
The Missing by Harper Raine
Tranquility Inherited by John Clewarth
The Pumpkins Looked On by Tony Dews
From Below by Thomas M. Malafarina
Beware Unexpected Gift by Sheri Velarde
Horror in the Haveli by Shashi Kadapa
Subway Ride to Terror by G.Bennett
Pumpkin Spice Joe by Armand Rosamilia
Red Wolf by Daniel Comnenus
Frankenstein’s Halloween by L. T. Emery
Curse of the Blood Moon: The Barn by Alexander C. Bailey
Samhain’s Revenge by C.L. Williams
The Chocolate Ghost by Dawn DeBraal


Samie Sands(Author),Sheri Velarde(Author),Thomas M. Malafarina(Author),Harper Raine(Author),Danny Campbell(Author),Erin Louis(Author),John Clewarth(Author),Tony Dews(Author),Armand Rosamilla(Author),Shashi Kadapa(Author)

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